Bryan Firefighters Filling In For Houston F.D. During Funeral Services

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Bryan, TX Bryan Firefighters are lending a hand to to their friends in Houston after that department's deadliest day on Friday.

One of the Bryan firefighters is helping at Station 68 in Houston where two of the firefighters killed worked.

Bryan Firefighters are giving back to a department that helped them after our own tragedy here.

Friday was a bittersweet day for Bryan Firefighters as two of our own came back from Galveston after being severely injured in the Knights of Columbus fire here in February.

As we were welcoming back Ricky Mantey and Mitch Moran, Houston Firefighters were battling a fire that's changed their department forever.

It was the Bryan Fire Department's deadliest day when a roof collapse at the Knights of Columbus Hall killed two firefighters and critically injured two others in February.

Then a similar sad scene Friday in Houston after four firefighters were killed battling a massive motel blaze.

More than 25 firefighters from Bryan including Lieutenant and Honor Guard Commander D.J. Capener are heading to Houston for the memorial service and to help at stations too.

"They were here from day one, stood by our side and made sure we could take care of ourselves. So it means a lot for us to be able to give that support because we know what that feels like now," said Capener.

Bryan Fire Department Lieutenant Todd Mack went to Houston on Friday to help at stations there, buying groceries and cleaning.

He's even been volunteering at Station 68 where two of the firefighters killed worked.

"We will be filling in, in some of the surrounding stations including 68 and 51 and so a lot of their people will be able to go to the funeral and we'll just be riding the trucks while they do that," Mack said.

"It's a dangerous job and that's why it's one big brotherhood. That's why we stand up for each other when we can't do it ourselves," Capener added.

The Bryan Fire Department's Pipe and Honor Guard will also be in the procession for the fallen Houston Firefighters Wednesday morning at Reliant Stadium.

A large group is leaving at 5 A.M. Wednesday.

The Houston Chronicle reports up to 100 firefighters from various departments could serve as substitutes at firehouses during the funerals this week.

Bryan firefighters who are volunteering in Houston are doing so on their own time and have fellow firefighters cover their shifts here, if they are scheduled to work.