Bryan Firefighters Travel to West to 'Give Back'

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Members of the Bryan and College Station Fire Departments were among the thousands of firefighters who took part in a procession leading to the public memorial for the first responders who died in the West explosion.

"We work for the city of Bryan, but to be part of something bigger was really shown when we had our loss. This just solidifies that this is something much much bigger," said Bryan Firefighter Clint Eastepp.

For Eastepp, and every other person who put on their uniform and drove to West Thursday morning, being a firefighter is more than a job.

"When you have fallen firefighters, its important to show them that they're not alone, your families aren't alone...and to give back," said Eastepp.

"It's hard to put into words, but it's truly amazing how much of a brotherhood firefighting really is," said Lt. Todd Mack, Bryan Fire Department.

Just a few months ago, engines and ladder trucks from fire departments across the country lined up in a Bryan parking lot to honor fallen heroes Lt. Greg Pickard and Lt. Eric Wallace.

That's why members of the Bryan Fire Department say they came Waco for two reasons: to return the favor and say thank you.

"We just appreciate everything everyone's done for us," said Lt. Mack.

Bryan and College Station Firefighters starting driving up to Waco Wednesday to participate in Thursday's memorial events. However, they say their support for the West Volunteer Fire Department would not end Thursday.