Local Family In Need of Diabetes Alert Dog

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The blood sugar extremes diabetics suffer can be deadly. Some people can sense those level changes while others can't, but now there are service dogs that can detect deadly blood sugar levels with their nose.

One family Bryan family is hoping to get a dog, one that could save a young girl's life.

For Libby Stewart, life of an eight year old is hard. This bright, energetic girl is living with Type 1 diabetes and has been in and out of the hospital 12 times since she was diagnosed two years ago.

"You put your blood sugar in this one," said Libby.

Her life revolves around her disease, constantly measuring her blood sugar levels.

"We wake up every night at 2 a.m. and check her blood sugar," said Jennifer Steward, Libby's mom.

Libby can no longer tell when her blood sugar is dropping, which is a deadly factor of her disease.

"If she's asleep and starts to drop she can actually start to seize or even die if it drops too quickly," Jennifer said.

Her mother is trying to get her a big help in he way of a specially trained dog. These dogs can smell the highs and lows of blood sugar through their saliva, and they can detect it up to half an hour before the high or low happens. Diabetic Alert Dogs, like Murphey, could give Libby life saving minutes.

"That way we could have a little bit more time before she drops," Jennifer said. "We've had her drop a few times and she just passes out."

The dogs go through at least 18 months of training before they are can be used full time

"We've raised about $5,445 so far," Jennifer said.

These life-saving dogs cost a lot of money, nearly $28,000. Now Jennifer has turned to the help of the community for any donations.

"We've got about 22 to 23 thousand to go," Jennifer said. "We've got a little ways to go, but we're getting there."

Even though the price is a lot for a single mother, the cost of her daughter's life is priceless compared to cost of the alert dog.

"A diabetes alert dog can really ensure where her diabetes should be," said Kelley Crumpler, Murphey's owner.

Kelley Crumpler is Libby's nurse, and she is also a Type 1 diabetic. Murphy is her Diabetic Alert Dog and has saved her several times.

"If she were trying to get my attention she would sit and paw at me."

Libby would have to have her dog with her everywhere she goes. Luckily, she loves all furry animals and is excited to live an easier life.

"She is sweet. I want one like this," said Libby.

If you would like to help Libby, a fund has been set up at Wells Fargo.