Bryan Good Samaritan Reconnecting With Hit-and-Run Victim She Helped Save

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BRYAN - Two strangers are doing what they can to help a Bryan woman critically injured by a hit and run driver.

Michelle Webb was hit by a pickup truck early Monday morning while walking to work.

She's getting back on her feet thanks to people she has never met.

Lafreya Gonzalez will never forget this face.

"I saw a woman lying there on the ground so I immediately got my phone. We pulled over I jumped out, I was on the phone with 911 she was just laying their lifeless it was horrible," Gonzalez said.

Michelle Webb had just been hit by a pickup truck on Finfeather Road.

"It's traumatizing and I hope that she really recovers from that because that was a truck and that woman is probably 130 pounds ish," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez didn't know Webb survived until she saw our report.

"I just I balled out in tears... I just thought she was gone and to hear that she was alive it really made me really feel good, it really did," she said.

Webb is the sole provider for her family so John Rhodes, another stranger helped set up a website where people can donate money

"We just wanted to see what all we can do to help and hopefully we can get the community behind us," he said.

After seeing our story, Gonzalez called us asking how she could help

"I'm on my way right now to go and visit her. I need to see her. I need to see her," she said.

She's now pleading for the driver who hit Webb to turn themselves in.

Police found the truck, but have not made an arrest.

Michelle Webb remains hospitalized at St. Joseph after having a kidney removed.

So far, $340 has been raised, while the goal is $5,000.

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