Bryan High School Band Director Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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BRYAN - The Bryan High School Band Director and some staff got a cold surprise Wednesday night after band practice.

Bryan Band Director Rob Towell, as well as instructors Chase Tucker and Marie DeBellis accepted an ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Their band director tried to opt out of the ice bucket challenge by making a donation to the ALS Association but the students forced him to do both.

"I'm feeling really cold and wet but I feel really good about the students. You know we've got some really great kids here and you know I think mostly they wanted to get us wet but they know it's a good cause and we're all about that, so Bryan High Viking Band rocks," said Rob Towell.

The band instructors also nominated others including some of their students to take the ice bucket challenge.

So far the video phenomenon has raised nearly $42 million for the ALS Association.