Bryan Husband Surprised Wife on 54th Anniversary

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Every Wednesday at 12 o'clock, the Bryan Rotary club meets at the Briarcrest Country Club. But this week's luncheon was a little different.

"I've embarrassed her through the years in different ways...not on purpose usually. I did on purpose today. I risked everything today," said Dan Warden.

Wednesday was Dan and Meridan Warden's 54th wedding anniversary. They're still very happily married, but Dan says something has been missing for years...literally. About 20 years ago, Meridan lost her wedding ring in the water when she was a counselor at a Christian Youth Camp.

"We tried, not only that summer, but every summer after to find it in the same water...never did find it," said Warden.

They never replaced it either -- until today.

A few months ago, Warden says he decided to have his father's wedding ring redesigned, so his wife could finally have the ring she deserves.

"Every time I look at that ring, I'll remember my dad and my mom who had it made for him," said Warden.

Warden says the surprise he planned was risky, because his wife doesn't like being the center of attention. He invited cameras, because the whole family couldn't be there.

"Everybody in the family can see it now, and from now on. It'll be a little legacy for our family," said Warden.

The life they've built together shows that a ring doesn't make a marriage, but it definitely doesn't hurt.