Bryan ISD Parents, Superintendent Respond To Connecticut School Shooting

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20 young children and six adults are dead after a mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

The horrific scene has shocked the nation, no matter where you live.

News 3 was at Johnson Elementary School in Bryan to speak with parents and officials about the tragedy in New England.

It's still hard to imagine how someone could be capable of gunning down elementary school kids in Newtown, Connecticut.

Here in Bryan it was an otherwise normal Friday afternoon with parents picking up their kids for the weekend.

At Johnson Elementary School there's only one way to get inside the campus and that's through the front door.

Most of the parents News 3 spoke with had heard about the mass killing at a Connecticut elementary school.

Barbara Rush was picking up her two grandchildren here in Bryan and hadn't heard the reports until we told her.

"You never gonna know what gonna happen. That's why I always tell them when they are walking don't talk to nobody don't stop. If they try to stop keep going. I try to tell all the time. I hate that for those kids, those I really do. That's really sad those poor kids haven't seen their life yet," said Rush.

"Oh yes my daughter is very safe at school I have no doubts about it," said Bryan ISD Parent Tierney Lewis.

We also spoke with Bryan Superintendent Thomas Wallis.

Dr. Wallis told us they do have procedures in place for emergencies and while they do train for it, he added you can't really ever prepare for something as catastrophic as this.

"We want to make sure everybody's as safe as we can possibly make them and that level of response will be the same wherever. We have lockdown drills that we do periodically. We do those to make sure that the kids know what to do," said Wallis.

Bryan ISD also had fences around most of the campus playgrounds in the district.

The also use a Raptor ID scanner to check ID cards of visitors on campus and make sure they are permitted to be there.