Bryan ISD Tackles Student Athlete Health And Safety Concerns

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The safety of student athletes is a topic being tackled by the Bryan Independent School District.

The school district’s first-ever town hall meeting got underway this evening to discuss health and safety in secondary sports like football and basketball.

Sports related injuries happen anywhere, something the Rudder High School Football coach, C.M. Pier, knows all too well.

"Unfortunately there are instances where you fall, you get knocked down or hit in a certain way. It doesn't matter what kind of helmet you have on or precautions you take. It happens sometimes,” said Pier.

In 2011, Rudder's star football player David Wilganowski nearly lost his life after he collapsed during the game and had to undergo C.P.R. Turns out he had a heart condition he was unaware of where his heart would beat rapidly.

That frightening experience and frequent concerns from parents is what Bryan ISD says sparked their efforts to hold a town hall meeting.

“I know as a parent myself, when my children started playing sports, I had questions as well. You can always ask the individual coach or trainer that question, but this town hall is designed to give them just a one stop shop for all that information,” said Sandy Farris with Bryan ISD.

A panel of doctors and trainers talked about various topics including sudden cardiac arrest, heat illness, eating habits, and parent responsibility.

"This is strictly education. There are no new measures or laws in place. This is just something that we want the community to know that we are proactive in making sure that our athletes are safe,” said Farris.

The school district hopes to make this meeting an annual event.