Bryan Man Accused of Mugging Woman At Church Has Prior Criminal History

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A Bryan man is charged with attacking and robbing a 95-year-old woman as she was walking to church Sunday morning.

News 3 spoke with the suspect's family and also looked at how the First United Methodist Church of Bryan is supporting their member who was attacked.

95-year-old Edna Earle Jackson had parked in her normal spot a little before 9:00 A.M. Sunday and was walking to church when she was knocked over and had her purse stolen.

Rev. Rick Sitton can't believe it happened here at First United Methodist Church.

Jackson was taken to the hospital after cutting her head on the curb and breaking her hip.

"She is in shock, but I talked with her and other pastors have seen her from the church and she has a great attitude. She says, 'You know I have a lot to be grateful for,'" said Rev. Sitton.

A witness driving by gave police a description of the suspect and within three minutes they located 20-year-old Jaquarios Neal six blocks away.

Police found evidence from the theft as well as stolen items from a car burglary that had happened shortly before at the St. Joseph Catholic Church parking lot.

Neal reportedly told police, "I didn't rob any old lady," during the investigation.

"'I'm praying for her and all her family," said Neal's sister Janayshia Taylor.

She and her boyfriend Willie Holmes say Neal had drug problems.

She says she's not seen him violent, but hopes he can be rehabilitated if he committed this new crime.

"I think that he should do some time, sit it out, just go ahead and sit it out, just go on back to the time," said Taylor.

Neal has prior convictions for burglary of a habitation and just started serving eight years probation after being released from boot camp in September.

He also has a marijuana possession conviction and had a prior arrest as a juvenile for robbery.

His Facebook page says his activities include hustling, and getting money together in the streets.

Bryan Police say this appears to be a crime of opportunity.

"And when the elderly lady was out there by herself, nobody was around, he decided to take advantage of that situation. Jaquarios Neal was arrested for that. He's a 20 year-old male and we've had several dealings with him in the past," explained Officer Kelley McKethan.

Jackson's church continues to lift up prayers for their member and all involved.

"The whole church is concerned and dismayed that anybody would do this to someone in their 90's going to worship," said Sitton.

After all of this police say Neal only got $37.

Jaquarios Neal remains in the Brazos County Jail on $100,670 bond.

A motion was filed Monday to revoke his probation.

Edna Jackson is recovering at St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan following surgery for her broken hip.

Her family declined to talk to us.