Bryan Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Officer

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BRYAN - A Bryan man is facing multiple charges after police say he threatened to kill an officer who was arresting him.

Officers arrived at the Dragon One restaurant just after 7 o'clock Monday. An employee called saying 39-year-old Chen He had been arguing and fighting with his wife. According to the arrest report, she told police that her husband hit her in the head twice with a closed fist.

Officers had to use two iPads with Google Translate to talk to He’s wife. They also needed assistance from He's step-daughter to help translate.

After officers arrested He for assault/family violence and put him the back of a patrol car, he kicked the passenger window and yelled, "I'll kill you." The officer asked him to repeat what he said. He told the officer that he would kill him and his whole family would die before being arrested. He used expletives and continued to kick the window.

He now faces Assault/Family Violence and Obstruction or Retaliation charges. He's in the Brazos County Jail. No bond has been set.