Police: Bryan Man Arrested For Threatening Officer Wanted to Shoot Police In 2010

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BRYAN - There are three people involved in the alleged plot to harm a College Station Police Officer.

Stephanie Navarro is the woman who was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Her brother Ronnie Lott is who police say confronted the officer at his church and their mother, Louisa Navarro.

All three have prior run-ins with the law and one of them has threatened to kill police before.

News 3 dug into the background of the suspects.

Facebook photos show the many mugshots of Ronnie Lott, the 22-year-old man accused of confronting a police officer at the officer's Bryan Church.

Lott is no stranger to the law with at least 15 arrests in Brazos County.

"We have dealt with Ronnie Lott on numerous occasions and his name is known within the department," said Officer Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department.

Bryan Police arrested Lott last May on Truman Street for unlawfully carrying two handguns.

Police were warned by dispatch that Lott had threatened to shoot a College Station Police Officer in 2010 after they'd made a note in his file.

"Last year in May officers contacted Ronnie Lott in reference that they were doing some burglary patrol in that area," explained McKethan.

His Facebook pages show many gang like signs and poses with one saying Blood In Blood Out, Mexican Black Gang.

"When the suspect had shown up to the church to confront the officer we did have patrols closer in the area and tried to stay close by that church on Sunday just to make sure that nothing else happened," said McKethan.

His sister Stephanie Navarro has been arrested three times including this latest arrest for fleeing an officer and burglary of a habitation.

While her mom Louisa Navarro has 10 arrests including several DWI's and driving while license invalid.

With the latest accusations against Louisa Navarro and Ronnie Lott, Bryan Police say they continue to keep lines of communications open with all area departments whenever an officer is threatened.

"This instance in Bryan is you know not a very common thing and I'm glad that we were able to stop it before anything serious happened," said McKethan.

Louisa Navarro posted $75,000 bond and has been released from the Brazos County Jail.

Ronnie Lott remains behind bars with his bond set at $100,000.