Bryan Man Arrested for DWI, Driving Stolen Vehicle

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A Bryan man has been jailed after police say he drove a stolen vehicle while intoxicated, smashing into a brick mailbox.

Police documents say 31-year-old Joel Martinez was arrested Saturday night. Officers say witnesses described Martinez ramming a Nissan truck through a stone mailbox and into a ditch off Palasota Drive, and then flee the scene, entering a nearby home. Bryan police say they were notified of a stolen vehicle from the Tropicana Club which matched the description of the vehicle that had crashed.

Officers say Martinez was arrested in the home, and that he exhibited signs of intoxication. They say he was combative as they transported him to St. Joseph Regional Health Center for a blood test, for which a warrant was granted.

County records show Martinez has been charged and convicted with DWI before, back in 2009. He is now charged with DWI, 2nd offense, resisting transport, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.