Bryan Man Attacks Neighbor with Knife, Threatens to Kill Him

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BRYAN A Bryan man is facing assault charges after allegedly attacking his neighbor.

Police say that 58-year-old Donald Alexander Woods started yelling at his neighbor in the 27-hundred block of Evergreen Sunday morning. According to the neighbor, Woods said he was going to kill him. The arrest report says that Woods threw a punch at the neighbor's head, then stabbed him in the arm. Officers said the neighbor had a cut on his arm.

The neighbor told cops that he's never had an issue with Woods. He just came out of the apartment and attacked him.

According to the arrest report, officers found Woods in his apartment. He told officers that the neighbor was inside his apartment and wanted him to leave. He also told the officers that he never used a knife. Police said Woods' stories changed many times while they were talking to him.

Woods gave the officers consent to search his apartment for the knife. They found one in a kitchen drawer. Woods admitted that was the knife he used during the assault.

Officers also talked to other neighbors in the area. All of them said that Woods threatened to kill the victim and had been yelling obscenities outside of his house.

Woods was arrested and taken to the Brazos County Jail. He is being held on no bond.