Bryan Man Bill Clinton Orozco-Garcia Remains Jailed After Allegedly Crashing Into House

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A Bryan 17-year-old remains jailed on drunk driving charges after police say he crashed into a College Station home and left the scene.

Brazos County Investigators say Bill Clinton Orozco-Garcia has an immigration hold for being in the country illegally.

Police say Orozco-Garcia ran a stop sign, crashed through a backyard fence, hitting the back porch and bedroom side of a home on Magnolia Drive early Wednesday morning.

A couple inside woke up to breaking glass.

They were not injured.

Police arrested Orozco-Garcia at a College Station apartment complex later that morning.

The home's occupant Clint Regmund tell us the wreck caused an estimated $50,000 in damage and that Orozco-Garcia did not have insurance as previously thought.

Regmund's homeowner's insurance is now helping with the damage.

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