Bryan Man Indicted For Texas A&M Bomb Threat Hoax

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A Brazos County Grand Jury indicted a man for making a bomb threat against Texas A&M that forced the evacuation of the entire campus last fall.

News 3 took a look at the suspect Dereon Kelly's case.

Kelly also faces federal charges in connection with a bomb threat at Texas State University.

It's a very complicated case with charges against Dereon Kelly and his ex-girlfriend Brittany Henderson.

A grand jury here in Bryan believes there's enough evidence implicating Dereon Kelly for the Texas A&M Bomb threat to go to trial.

The legal troubles continue for 22-year-old Dereon Kelly of Bryan.

A Brazos County Grand Jury has indicted him for sending an e-mail bomb threat to Texas A&M last October.

His ex-girlfriend 19 year-old Brittany Henderson of Bryan was cleared of involvement in the A&M threat.

But investigators believe Kelly used Brittany's Yahoo! e-mail account to send threats from his phone to both Texas State University and then a day later Texas A&M.

She still faces charges for the Texas State bomb threat in Hays County.

But federal investigators have charged Kelly for that crime too and did not implicate her.

"I'm still really angry with the whole process," said Henderson during an interview on December 11, 2012.

Brittany Henderson has maintained her innocence from the beginning and finally bonded out of jail last month after spending 42 days behind bars.

"I don't know, it just seems that nobody's really taking it seriously," said her defense attorney John Quinn.

Quinn doesn't understand why the charges haven't been dropped in San Marcos.

"The DA's office would be evaluating it sometime during the first couple weeks of January deciding if they were actually going to indict or not. That's obviously past. We haven't heard anything one way or the other. We'd just like to have some closure," added Quinn.

On Tuesday the Hays County District Attorney's Office told us the case is still pending and wouldn't say when a determination would be made.

"I've been doing this a long time and this is a very frustrating case because nobody will do what they're supposed to do," said Quinn.

Dereon Kelly's federal trial for the Texas State bomb threat charges has been postponed from this month to March 26th.

He remains in federal custody without bond.

Dereon Kelly faces up to ten years in prison and even a $250,000 fine if he's convicted of federal charges.

He does not have an attorney listed for the Brazos County indictment.

No bombs were found in either incident.