Bryan Ministry Donates Backpacks, School Supplies to Families in Need

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BRYAN It's almost time for school to start, and that isn't good news for some parents. With the rising cost of school supplies, some parents aren't able to give their children supplies they need for the year. One Bryan ministry recognized the issue and is working to help kids prepare for the school year.

"Do you like your backpacks?" Mayra Sifuentes asked her younger cousins. "Yes, they like it." She took them to the Bridge Ministry in downtown Bryan to get school supplies.

Crystasia Jackson, a 7th grader, said she's just as excited about her new backpack. The Bridge Ministries made it their mission to make sure the kids were ready for the school year. Jackson said she is grateful to be able to walk into school with her new accessories and knows her friends are too.

"I am so happy for all of the kids because they have their own backpacks and their own school supplies," Jackson said.

Katie Wondra volunteers at the Bridge Ministry and says they passed out about 260 backpacks and will continue to pass them out as more donations come in.

"It's not just about the tangible things," Wondra said. "Sharing these backpacks with them is just another way of loving them."

Monty Hunt is the president of the non-profit organization. He said this is the second year the Bridge Ministries has donated backpacks. Since last year, they doubled the amount they were able give out. Hunt said they are simply doing what they can to help the community in a time of need.

"When a kid comes in and they see that they aren't going to be excluded when they start school, they are thrilled to death knowing they will fill in," Hunt said. "We want the children to feel like they are fitting in at school."

He said the outcome of the project is worth the weeks of preparation. "You see the faces of kids and that makes it worth while," Hunt said.