Bryan Family's Project Helps Bring Comfort to Kids with Cancer

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BRYAN, Texas - A mother in Bryan with three daughters and a little time to kill during Summer break, decided to do a family project of a different kind.

Sefra Lopez took to the internet to find a community service project for her children.

"I came across this Chemo Care Kits for kids idea," said Lopez. "I thought it was really good, especially since in the past couple of years, our family has been hit by cancer."

Lopez said her father, cousin and uncle battled cancer.

The kits are packed full of things designed to make life a little easier for children suffering from cancer.

"Things like coloring books, crayons, activity joke books," said Lopez.

Some of the items in the kit help with the effects of chemotherapy. Items like lotion for dry skin and candy ring pops for dry mouth.

The family wants to make at least 60 kits, which they will eventually hand deliver to the MD Anderson Pediatric Cancer Center in Houston.

Lopez said it's a great way to teach her kids the value of serving others, and the value of serving each other.

"It's really good for the family, because it's quality time you're spending together," said Lopez. "It's good for the community, because the community comes together and helps out. We do have other family and friends that have helped out and joined us on our effort. And it's just good over all for the soul to do."

Lopez's daughter, Jordan, who wants to someday become a pediatric oncologist, she hopes to send a bigger message to the children who receive the kits.

"Letting them know that there are people out here that are doing something," said Jordan.

The kits cost around $12 each to build, and the Lopez family could use a little help reaching their goal. To find out more, click on the links added to this story.