Bryan Muni Golf Course, Skate Parks Up for Discussion Thursday

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BRYAN - A pair of issues involving parks in Bryan will be discussed by the city council as part of a Thursday meeting.

The debate over the future of the Bryan Municipal Golf Course will continue at the 5:00 p.m. meeting at the Bryan Municipal Building.

Councilmembers Al Saenz and Rafael Pena submitted a proposal for an item to be added to this November's ballot. The proposed charter amendment would make it so an election would be required to try and change the use of a property where there is a public park or playground.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski is proposing changing the Municipal Golf Course into an athletic complex with various sports' fields, along with some commercial use. He's expected to formally present the idea to the council in the coming weeks.

Also Thursday, one Bryan neighborhood may be taken off the list of potential sites for a future skate park.

As we told you last month, the city has been considering three locations for new skate parks set to be built in the coming months, but residents in the Park Hudson neighborhood have told the city a skate park there didn't make sense because mostly older people live there.

The council will consider a resolution to remove Park Hudson from the list of options. Councilmembers Art Hughes and Greg Owens placed the item on the agenda.

Williamson Park near the golf course and Sue Haswell Park off William J. Bryan Parkway are also being considered.