Bryan Murder Suspect Claiming Self Defense Indicted by Grand Jury

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BRAZOS COUNTY - A woman who claimed she acted in self defense in the stabbing death of a 54-year-old Bryan man has been indicted by a Brazos County grand jury.

Inez Busby was arrested in March for the murder of Raymond Lockett after investigators said there were inconsistencies in Busby's explanation of what happened. The stabbing happened Saturday afternoon, March 1, at a home on Jaguar near West Villa Maria.

Busby told police she'd been renting a room from Lockett for about three weeks when they got into an argument. Busby said they'd known each other for about seven years.

According to the six-page probable cause statement, Busby told investigators she'd been living in Somerville with her fiance until he died of a heart attack in December. She said she needed a place to live, so she contacted Lockett and worked out an agreement to pay him $10 a day to live in his apartment.

Busby said they'd been arguing for several days, and on the day of the murder, she was packing her belongings so she could leave town when Lockett got angry and threw a box at her.

She said the box missed, but Lockett charged her while she was standing in the kitchen with utensils in her hand. Busby said she turned around and that "he must have impaled himself on a butter knife."

Locket said "ouch," and fell to the floor, Busby told police.

Investigators said this scenario was unlikely because Busby was considerably shorter than Lockett.

When police questioned her a second time, they said she changed her story.

A trial date has not yet been set.