Bryan Neighborhood On Edge After Carjacking and Bank Robbery

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BRYAN, Texas Three people held up a Bryan Bank Friday morning and a convenience store camera caught the suspects leaving the bank.

The bank robbery happened around 10:30 A.M. and the car used in the getaway, that was later abandoned, had been carjacked from a woman earlier in the day.

Crime scene tape marked the scene of the bank robbery in north Bryan.

Friday morning three men went inside The Bank & Trust on Highway 21 near Highway 6, one carrying a handgun.

Blurry surveillance video from a convenience store next door shows them leaving the bank.

"Anybody that robs a bank should be considered armed and dangerous," said Chief Eric Buske of the Bryan Police Department.

The robbers left in a stolen car that was discovered ditched on nearby Colson Road.

Police say that car was carjacked from some women at the Timberlake-Mobiletown Mobile Home Park off Old College Road in Bryan.

They were friends of Renia Joshua.

"And when Lakethia Hickman came in we was in there getting ready to leave actually and Darnecia Wallace she ran in and said somebody came and took the car at gunpoint," said Joshua.

After the carjacking right here on Mobile Avenue police say the robbery occurred at the bank just 20 minutes later.

"I don't think that any extra caution is warranted. It appears that the bank where these robbers target and I'm assuming they've done everything they can do to get out of the area," said Chief Buske.

Nevertheless neighbors who live on the street of the carjacking like Armando Rodriguez Junior say it's scary.

"I mean I'm kind of glad I got my gun permit just in case I mean. But I just hope it doesn't happen out here again I guess," said Rodriguez.

While frightening, fortunately no one was injured in either crime.

All three men were wearing masks and police are still working on a more detailed description of them.

Another carjacking and bank robbery also occurred in Bryan just last month.

But police aren't sure if they are connected.