Bryan PD: 911 Abuser Calls Police to "Get a Ride Home"

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A Bryan man is arrested after allegedly calling 911 repeatedly and hanging up the phone.

On Sunday a Bryan police officer was dispatched to Nikki’s Food Mart at 601 of W. 28th Street in Bryan after an unknown person repeatedly called 911.

Those who witnessed the caller identified him as he was walking across the street.

According to the report, the officer immediately recognized the man as 47-year-old Michael Douglas Darnell; just minutes before, the reports says the officer had already made contact with Darnell on a separate criminal trespassing call.

When questioned if he called 911 from the pay phone at Nikki’s Food Mart, according to the police report, Darnell admitted he did.

Darnell said he called 911 so that he could quote, “get a ride from the police.”

The officer asked why Darnell was silent when dispatch answered his 911 call, and according to the report, Darnell told the officer he was silent because "I had to use the rest room.”

Darnell allegedly became outraged when the officer told him it was against the law to make 911 calls and remain silent. The report says Darnell began to raise his voice and shout, “1 don't give a (profanity)!!"

Darnell was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Language and Silent call to 911. The defendant was transported to BCSO for booking and was released to the jail staff along with his property.

Darnell has a lengthy criminal history and has been arrested on a number of charges including assault, criminal trespassing, 911 Abuse and non-payment of child support.