Bryan PD Takes Part In SWAT Competition

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The Bryan Police Department, along with dozens of other police departments from around the country and as far away as Germany, finished up taking part in the 2012 SWAT Competition.

The Dallas Police Department hosted the competition which started Friday.

Teams took part in events including the pistol event, hostage rescue and officer down.

"We get the little teams and the big teams to work together, so they know what to do in case of a bad incident,” said Senior Corporal Christian D’Alesandro with the Dallas Police Department.

"I love the Brazos Valley. It's our home. That's where we take care of our community. It's where we live in fellowship with our citizens. It's fun to come up here with all of these big departments where no one really has a different badge. We are all one big team cheering for each other,” said Jon Agnew with the Bryan Police Department.