Bryan Parent Takes Drastic Measures To Remove Child From Recalled Car Seat

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BRYAN - A normal day of errands for a Bryan woman turned into a parent's drama. Natalie Rojo couldn't get her two-year-old daughter, Lucy, out of her car seat.

"I almost had to cut her out," Rojo said. "My husband couldn't get her out after a couple times of doing it as well."

Rojo's Graco car seat is just one of 403,000 that were just recalled by the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This latest recall comes a month after 3.8 million seats were recalled for faulty harness buckles.

"I was freaking out," she said. "I wanted to start crying because I'm like this is my kid. How can she get stuck in a car seat? I was just getting frustrated."

Graco said the buckle can become gummed up with food and drink, causing the child to become latched in the seat.

"You can't even push that," Rojo said as she was trying to unbuckle the seat.

After nearly 15 minutes of trying to get her daughter out, Rojo pulled the straps down to pull her daughter out of the seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said this can be a real danger to children in case of an emergency.

"I didn't know mine was locked. It was just like a normal day. I just put her in my car seat and went to my mom's and I couldn't get her out. That was the scary thing."

The recall may not be over. Officials want Graco to add 1.8 million infant seats to the recall because they have the same buckles.

According to the Associated Press, Graco issued the following in a letter to the NHTSA: "Graco looks forward to further discussions with the agency to resolve any remaining issues relating to those additional car seats."

Rojo hopes the company acts quickly in making these recalls.

"This is our kids safety," she said.

She considers herself lucky that she wasn't in an accident and that her daughter is safe, but warns parents to check their own car seats.