Bryan Plans Major Projects As New Fiscal Year Begins

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BRYAN, Texas The City of Bryan is full throttle ahead on some major projects scheduled for the new fiscal year that began Tuesday.

That includes a library makeover, street revitalization, and adding personnel to the police and fire departments.

Construction is under way at the Clara B. Mounce Library in Downtown Bryan.

$60,000 in renovations are making way for more space for an upstairs computer lab and a new teen area.

"Upstairs they are refurbishing the meeting area, the children's areas," said Joe Hegwood who is Bryan's Chief Financial Officer.

Hegwood spoke with us about this fiscal year's $338 million total budget including beefing up the fire and police departments.

The total budget is down from $340 million last year.

"There were two new additions for police officers. There were six new firefighters and a fire lieutenant so those will be you know new people on the street. There will be vehicles for those things that are budgeted," said Hegwood.

Bryan Public Works Director Jayson Barfknecht says several projects are on tap including crews repaving, installing curbs and gutters and streetlights on West 28th Street between Congress and Palasota Streets.

There are also plans for safety improvements around Bonham Elementary.

"We have a lot more sidewalk projects here in the future with in-house staff," Barfknecht said.

Also BTU will be spending $35 million for new transmission lines.

"They'll be doing tie ends to ERCOT and to the west side of the county," said Hegwood.

"We do not know what the economy is going to be in the next year so we're very cautious about making major additions. So we kind of kept that in mind," he added.

A new year and some major projects for those who call Bryan home.

The budget for Bryan's general fund this new fiscal year is $57 million
up from $56 million last year.

Later this week News 3's Clay Falls will report on College Station's new budget and upcoming projects.