Bryan Police Catch Alleged Burglar High on PCP Breaking into Cars

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Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to catch someone trying to break into your home or your car. That's exactly what happened to Bryan woman and her family late Sunday night. And police say the suspect was high on PCP.

“It was like something on TV; like something I've seen on TV all the time, but never in real life,” said Bryan resident and burglary victim Joy Mercer.

It's a crime that Joy Mercer says hit too close to home.

“When I came downstairs I heard a beating at my door,” Mercer said.

Just after 11 Sunday night, Mercer says she woke up to someone trying to break into her home. She immediately called 9-1-1.

“My granddaughter was hysterical and I was frightened because I didn't know what he would do if he would have gotten inside the house,” explained Mercer.

Mercer says the man, later identified by police as Robert Dewayne Thomas, was high on PCP; and after he couldn't get inside the home, Mercer says he tried breaking into both of her vehicles.

“He couldn't get in the car so he started banging on the window. He couldn't get in that car so he walked over to my truck,” she said.

Whether the intent is to get inside your home, or your car, Police say burglars will sometimes knock on your front door first as a tactic to make sure no one's there.

While there were no valuables inside the vehicle, Thomas was able to get inside her Ford Explorer.

Mercer says Thomas ripped the center console off and began rummaging through it to find anything of value. Police arrived on scene and caught Thomas red-handed. After a short struggle, he was arrested and taken into custody.

“It was an eye opener to make sure my doors are locked and everything is secure because you never know what can happen and it's bad to have to live like that because I've never had to do that before, but now I'll have to take extra precautions,” explained Mercer.

Thomas was charged with burglary of a vehicle, criminal mischief and public intoxication.