Bryan Police Department To Replace Seven Vehicles With SUVs

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Bryan's Police force will be getting new wheels if the city council approves their request Tuesday night.

The Police Department is asking for six new marked units and one unmarked vehicle to replace aging vehicles.

The city wants Chevrolet Tahoes because Ford Crown Victorias are no longer being made.

The new vehicles will come at a cost of $298,928.74.

Police say there are advantages to having Chevy SUVs including a better warranty of five years, 100 thousand miles compared to three years, 36,000 miles with Ford vehicles.

"There's a couple of advantages to the SUVs is that you can put all the electronics in the back and keep it air conditioned versus the trunk which causes the shelf life of the IT equipment to go quicker in all the Texas heat. And then the second thing is the safety features for the officers there is more room in the cab," said Lt. Buck Rogers with the Bryan Police Department.

The department's vehicles typically wear out every four to five years depending on the amount of driving they do.

The city council meeting is scheduled for 6 P.M. tonight.