Bryan Police K-9's Receive Kevlar Vests

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Thanks to many of you, the Bryan Police Department's four legged officers now have extra protection for fighting crime just like their human counter parts.

News 3 discovered how K-9's Kohn and Falco are now sporting bullet-proof vests.

It's a new look for the furriest members of the Bryan Police Department.

Falco and Kohn detect drugs, and can even chase down suspects.

Now they have an added layer of protection with Kevlar Ballistic Vests.

Officers Chad Hanks and James Hauke call these dogs their partners.

"They'll do whatever it takes to do their job you know, and so if they didn't have these then they're still going to do that," said Hanks.

Katie Tippett is a grad student at Texas A&M and came up with the Aggie Kevlar for K-9's Fundraiser after hearing about a dog being killed in the line of duty elsewhere.

After our initial report , nearly $2,600 was raised in less than 24 hours.

$300 more than they needed.

"It's simply wonderful. There's no other way to explain it and it also really is a reflection that everyone else truly appreciates what these men and these dogs are doing as well," said Katie Tippett.

These Kevlar vests provide not only protection from bullets but even stab wounds and blunt force trauma protecting their vital organs.

"I wouldn't go to work without my vest, so now we got vests for our dogs and in a high risk situation when they are going to apprehend a violent felon or whatever," said Officer James Hauke with the Bryan Police Department.

And what would the dogs say if they could talk?

"I think he'd be happy," said Hanks.

Added safety for a dangerous job.

The Belgian Malinois cost $6,500 each, with thousands more invested in the months of training they receive at the department.

The vests were not initially available because of budget concerns.