Bryan Police K-9's To Get Ballistic Vests From Fundraiser

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They detect drugs, search for suspects and put their lives on the line in the name of the law.

A Texas A&M Graduate Student is raising money to buy bullet-proof vests for Bryan P.D.'s police dogs.

Falco and Kohn work long hours catching criminals and even illegal drugs.

They are the two K-9's for the Bryan Police Department.

Officers James Hauk and Chad Hanks don't call them pets but partners.

Soon their four legged friends will have Kevlar ballistic vests kind of like what they wear on tactical scenes.

"We are going in with vests and helmets and then the dogs on those scenes are typically deployed first," explained Chad Hanks.

The Belgian Malinois cost $6,500 each with thousands more invested in the months of training they receive at the department.

Katie Tippet is in Grad School at Texas A&M. She organized the $2,300 fundraiser goal to buy the two vests after reading about a K-9 being killed in a shoot out elsewhere last semester.

She spoke to us via Skype from Dallas.

"You imagine just gunshots, but in the case of stab wounds or just blunt force kicks, these vests also will protect all their important organs. So these vests are very important," Tippet said.

Officer James Hauke appreciates the support from someone they've not met just yet.

"It's pretty negative when we have to show up in your life and for somebody to take their time and dedicate that toward us then that's pretty impressive," he said.

"They help protect the community and I think we should help them," said Katie Tippet.

Protecting some of Bryan's bravest crime fighters.

A Facebook page has been set up to accept donations for the K-9 vests, and the Bryan Police Department is also taking donations.

So far more than $300 has been raised for the effort.

The Bryan Police Department has not had money in the budget to purchase the vests themselves.

You'll find information on how to help at links attached to this story.

Fundraiser Facebook page:!/pages/Aggie-Kevlar-for-K9s-Fundraiser/243055412491328

Fundraiser Website: