Bryan Police Officers No Longer Allowed to Have Visible Tattoos

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The Bryan Police Department has a new policy when it comes to tattoos: new officers cannot have visible tattoos while in uniform.

Bryan Police Officer Kelley McKethan says the point of the policy is to make officers look more uniform.

"As we were hiring new employees and noticing the tattoos, the question arose, 'What do we want our appearance to be as a uniformed Bryan police officer?'," said Officer McKethan.

McKethan says the rule affects all new recruits. Current officers with tattoos are exempt, but it does apply if they get new body ink.

Officers with tattoos are required to wear uniforms with long sleeves to cover their body ink.

Cullen Grissom has been training cops for 20 years.

"A lot of those policies are driven by what the policy makers think the public wants to see in their officers," said Grossom, law enforcement training director for TEEX.

Grissom says the law enforcement business has changed over the years, but people are still joining for the same reasons.

Grissom added that studies show the public wants officers with a standard look.

Some like tattoo artist Andres Delaconcha disagree. Delaconcha says if an officer earns to right to wear a badge, it shouldn't matter what they wear on their skin.

"I understand there are some tattoos that can be seen as obscene, but those aren't the people trying to get these jobs. They're soldiers. They're people with American flag tattoos and dog tags," said Delaconcha.

Deputies with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office are also not allowed to have visible tattoos. College Station PD does not have any restrictions for officers with tattoos.