Bryan Resident Arrested For Hit and Run Crash Into House

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Terrifying moments for a College Station couple Wednesday morning when a suspected drunk driver crashed into their home and fled the scene.

The crash caused extensive structural damage knocking out power and gas service to the home on Magnolia Drive

The man and woman inside weren't hurt, but they are upset the 17-year-old was allegedly drunk and didn't stop.

You can see the path of destruction as a black Chevrolet Tahoe ran a stop sign, came through the backyard fence, hit the porch and bedroom of a house while a couple was sleeping inside.

Now 17-year-old Bill Clinton Orozco-Garcia of Bryan is facing serious charges.

It was a wake up Clint Regmund and his girlfriend Jessica Coombs weren't expecting after an out of control driver crashed his SUV into the back of their house around 5 in the morning.

"I heard a loud boom, I thought it was lightning and thunder from the storm. My glass shattered, I looked outside and some guy was driving in my backyard, and he took off and guy hit my house," said Clint Regmund.

They still haven't been able to clean up as they are waiting on insurance adjusters to come out and survey the damage to their backyard, living room, and bedroom.

"I had no idea how fast he was, but he was pretty fast," he added.

The couple was having a slumber party here in the living room and had fallen asleep while watching a movie. When the crash happened a post was knocked through the sliding glass door, covering them with glass.

17-year-old Bill Clinton Orozco-Garcia allegedly drove away in his damaged Chevy Tahoe through the new hole in the fence.

College Station Police tracked his car to Eastgate Apartments on Lincoln Avenue where he was arrested for DWI, Failure to Stop and Leave Information and Criminal Mischief.

"The investigating officers were able to locate marks on the side of the street that was scratched into the ground what appeared to be the width of the vehicle rim. So they were able to follow those marks," said Patricia Logan, a College Station Police Department Police Assistant.

Back at Magnolia Drive Regmund is ready to start cleaning up, but realizes it could have been much worse.

"Yeah, I'm glad he turned and didn't come through the house actually," Regmund said.

While the house is insured, the suspect's insurance is expected to take care of the damage.

Bill Clinton Orozco-Garcia is in custody but is still awaiting booking into the Brazos County Jail.

We were unable to make contact with anyone at the apartment unit where he was found to find out more on the suspect.

Power and gas could be restored at the house as soon as Thursday.

College Station Police Department Press Release

At 5:45 AM, College Station Police responded to the intersection of University Oaks Blvd. and Scarlett O’Hara Drive for a hit and run accident.

It was discovered that a vehicle traveling northbound on Scarlett O’Hara Dr. had run the stop sign at this intersection, continued north, crashed through a fence, and traveled into the backyard of a residence on Magnolia Dr.

The vehicle ended up traveling through the backyard and striking the rear of the residence, causing significant property damage. The driver then drove the vehicle from the scene without leaving any identifying information.

Investigating officers were given a description of the suspect vehicle and were able to track it to an address on Lincoln Avenue. The driver was located and further investigation revealed that he was intoxicated. He was subsequently arrested.

The suspect in this case identified himself as 17 year old Bill Clinton Orozco-Garcia from Bryan.

Due to the amount of damage caused by the collision, Orozco-Garcia was charged with Criminal Mischief $20,000 to $100,000. He was also charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Failure to Stop and Leave Information.