Bryan To Consider Turning Municipal Golf Course Into Super Park

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BRYAN - Playing a round of golf at Bryan's Municipal Course would be a thing of the past if the city moves forward with plans to convert the land into a super park for multiple sports

The idea as you might imagine has some of the regulars at the golf course a little teed off

News 3 spoke with the Mayor of Bryan to see why he wants to make the changes.

The Bryan Municipal Golf Course has been here for more than 90 years and in 2011 residents voted against selling the property.

Now the city is considering opening the land up to multiple sports.

You can find Ronnie Adams on the Golf Course at Bryan Municipal up to five times a week

The Somerville resident doesn't want to see the course go away.

"I've got a lot of good friends here. It's a good course. They are starting to do some work on it. It's a fun course to play," he said.

75-year-old Henry Kosh has lived in Bryan his whole life and played this course for 50 years. He thinks the course is worth keeping despite the fact it runs in the red.

"We play here about once a week. We have a foursome and we really need a municipal golf course. This is the only one," said Kosh.

The Bryan Municipal Golf Course remains one of the most affordable places to play. On the weekend it's only $29 for 18 holes and a golf cart while at Texas A&M it costs nearly twice as much. Many golfers tell us they're worried about being priced out from being able to play.

"If there's one thing that I've heard from more people over the last few years as I've been mayor is the need for more parks," said Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski.

Bienski says the super park could include things like fields for football, softball, soccer, a three hole golf course and skate park. The city has been working with the Philips Event Center, formerly known as Briarcrest Country Club, to absorb the golfers.

"With the new A&M Golf Course that was recently renovated we've got in my opinion two better golfing options in Bryan / College Station available for our golfers," he said.

"Travis Bryan played out here and they named the golf course after him... I think he would really turn over in his grave If he knew we were gonna make this into something other than a golf course," said Edlin Hahn, a Bryan resident.

"I think it's an asset to the city. Every progressive city or municipality has a nice golf course and that's part of it. I don't want to belong to a country club, I can't afford it," said Paul Hardage, another golfer.

Unfortunately the city could not provide numbers today on how the course is currently performing or how other Bryan Parks are doing revenue-wise.

But we'll have that for you soon on another update.

Mayor Bienski says the council will take a closer look at the idea at their meeting on August 26th.

He says if they decide to keep the course it will likely need $2 million to $5 million in improvements and that will mean raising green fees.