Bryan Traffic Lights Get Smarter

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How many times have you gotten stuck at a traffic light in our area and wondered why it took so long to change?

Well Bryan traffic signals have now gotten smarter.

News 3 looked into how more than half the city's signal intersections are now communicating with each other.

Henry Lewis III travels down 29th Street four days a week to get to his job at Workforce Solutions.

"Sometimes the traffic is moving along a little slower and then sometimes it's moving on pretty fast," he said.

Now 36 of the Bryan's 65 signal intersections are smarter with the lights broadcasting information about their timing and status back to this central location.

Eleven places even have a live feed showing what the intersections see at places like 29th Street and Texas and even by Target on Briarcrest.

Dale Picha is the Director of Traffic and Transportation for Bryan and tells us all of Texas Avenue, 29th Street and 29th at Villa Maria Road have been re-timed to make your drive a little faster.

"We’ve had a lot of questions about when's it gonna be done when’s it gonna be done and we're glad to now say we're at that point where we've finished this first phase and got a lot of the system now implemented," said Picha.

In an unscientific experiment News 3 drove from the the KBTX office down 29th Street to Downtown at Texas Avenue and hit red lights at half of the eight signals but made it in less than eight minutes.

Some drivers like Myesha Devrow hadn't seen a change just yet.

"I hadn't noticed but I had no idea. It's a good idea," she commented.

"I’ve seen a lot of improvement as a matter of fact it’s better simply because I can get from point a to point b a whole lots faster, I and also I've noticed that it's a little bit safer," said Henry Lewis.

The city hopes to make all of their signal intersections smarter like these in the coming years.

Bryan officials say the video from live cameras at eleven intersections isn't being recorded or even used for law enforcement purposes, but only to monitor the flow of traffic and help with maintenance.

The City of College Station also has a communication system for their intersections, and they're working to re-time some of those intersections.

The $470,000 project was made possible in part by grant money from the state.