Bryan Welcomes First Natural Gas Pump

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It's not something most folks are used to seeing, but vehicles that run off of compressed natural gas are starting to rise in popularity.

"As more and more stations pop up, we're seeing more and more interest from the original equipment manufactures like Dodge, Ford, Honda, and others," said Michael Brown with Chesapeake Energy.

Brown teamed up with marketing students from Texas A&M University to show off a Chevy Avalanche that runs off the clean burning fuel.

It's all in an effort to raise awareness of the alternative energy that's cheaper than gas.

"When people see their savings, they see that these are cars they actually do want to drive, they're convinced. Natural gas is definitely going to be a future fuel and we're excited about it," said Brown.

And just this week, Bryan got its first natural gas pump at the Big Gas Truck Stop on FM 2818 and Highway 6. It's one of 33 natural gas stations in the state.

"There are vehicles passing on Highway 6 that are using the fuel now. This will make a nice convenient stop for them," said Scott Ballinger with CNG 4 America.

Ballinger says as gas prices rise, interest in natural gas soars.

"It's taken on a new life over the last three years," said Ballinger.

Thanks to a much cheaper per gallon price, it's no wonder. Converting a vehicle to run on natural gas can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, but the savings will add up in the long run.

With local businesses showing interest in converting their fleet vehicles to natural gas, placing this station in Bryan was an easy decision for CNG 4 America.

"What we figured we needed to do was to first find a community that was committed to using the fuel," said Ballinger.

Now cars that run on natural gas get about the same gas mileage as gasoline engines but emit much less harmful gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.