Bryan Woman Accused of Using Web Site for Prostitution

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A Bryan woman is charged with prostitution after police say she posted an ad promoting her services online.

Her ad was listed on is intended to be a classified ad web site, but police say some people use it to promote and engage in illegal activity.

"Of course they'll put disclaimers that it's not prostitution. Or they'll put that what happens between two consenting adults is what happens between two consenting adults. But the end game and what they're doing is illegal," said Sgt. Calder Lively, College Station Police Department. says illegal services including prostitution are prohibited, but the site does contain listings specifically for sex

Raquell Dye, 25 years old, is accused of using the site to solicit customers.

Someone allegedly reported Dye's activities to police, then investigators found her ad on The arrest report says Dye planned to meet clients at Motel 6 on Texas Ave.

The 25-year-old Bryan resident was charged with prostitution Wednesday. She has since been released from the Brazos County Jail on a $2,000 bond.

In Brazos County, the courts consider the internet to be a public forum that people of all ages have access to. That's why posting ads for prostitution online is the same as soliciting customers on the street in the eyes of the law.

"You Google College Station, and these advertisements pop up. Yes, its in most bigger cities, but you don't want that in College Station," said Sgt. Lively.

Police say web sites, like, make it easier for people who engage in prostitution to move from city to city. However, it also makes it easier to gather evidence and file charges that stick.