Bryan Woman Alive Today because of S.O.S. Ministries

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BRYAN- A local Christian organization dedicated to turning lives around is celebrating 20 years in the Brazos Valley. What's unique about Save Our Streets Ministries is that they focus on those who are less fortunate, from drug abusers to those suffering from depression. One Bryan woman who said the ministry saved her life.

Monica Hernandez said she almost ended her own life. "I'm only here because of the grace of God," Hernandez said.

That is, until she reached out to Save Our Streets Ministries in Bryan.

"When I hit rock bottom as low as my body could go, God reminded me of this place," Hernandez said.

This wasn't her first time to go to the ministry. She said she used to go to there as a teenager, where she studied and worshiped Jesus Christ with hundreds of others.

"I walked away a few years later," Hernandez said.

After losing nearly all hope in life, Monica turned back to the S.O.S. Ministries in Bryan where she knew she could find comfort and peace.

She said it's her weakness that brought her back to the place that holds so many memories. "I was in the perfect position, the most precious position to just cry out to Him. He reminded me of the place that showed me love," Hernandez said.

Salina Gomez is an S.O.S. volunteer, and says Hernandez is a changed woman today because of what the ministry instilled in her.

"She started to allow God to peel those layers off," Gomez said. "You know, the layers of anger, hurt from the past."

She has seen how Hernandez has transformed from the inside out...and says she glows with love.

"Now she's a beautiful woman that just wants to reach out to others and give back what God has given her," said Gomez.

Hernandez now volunteers in her free time with the ministry. She builds relationships with at risk teens... With hopes to help them just like SOS helped her.

"They remind me of myself. Just to be able to love them and encourage them; pour what was poured into me into their lives," Hernandez said.

She says her life today would not be possible without the help of volunteers like Gomez at S.O.S. Ministries and of course, the continuous love she feels from above.