Bryan Woman Arrested for Calling 911 Repeatedly

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BRYAN - A Bryan woman is under arrest after making multiple calls to Brazos County 911 when there was no emergency.

Mornique Yvette Wells, 39, is being charged with making a False Report. Just after Midnight, Wells called 9-1-1 saying someone was knocking on her door. According to he arrest report, about seven minutes after that first call, she called back saying she cut her ankle. When paramedics arrived, she said the cops were taking to long to get there so she called them. Paramedics said Wells didn't have a cut on her ankle, but did complain of pain. They took her to St. Joseph's Hospital to be checked out.

According to the report, officers looked into how many times Wells has called 9-1-1. On May 22nd, she called because of foot pain. On May 23rd, she called
because she was uncomfortable. On May 24th, Wells called because she had leg pain. On May 25th, she stated she needed a fire truck because she believed there was a structure fire. Firefighters say this call was unfounded. On May 26th, Wells called because she claimed there was the smell of gas. First responders discovered that her building does not have gas and call was unfounded. According to officials, Wells has called 9-1-1 353 times since February of 2011.

Wells was arrested and is in the Brazos County Jail under $4,000 bond.

39-year-old Mornique Yvette Wells is being charged with making a False Report.