Bryan Woman's Family Pleas For Hit-And-Run Driver To Come Forward

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BRYAN - A Bryan woman, critically injured in a hit and run accident, has been moved out of the critical care unit Thursday afternoon.

Michelle Webb was on her way to work on the A&M campus Monday morning when she was hit by a pickup truck.

Police have found the truck but will not say whether they have talked to the owner or determined who was behind the wheel.

Michelle Webb is still recovering at St Joseph Regional Health Center.

Early Monday morning police say she was leaving the Villa West Apartments on Finfeather Road when a Ford Pickup truck crashed into her.

"It just killed me seeing her on the ground and knowing that son-of-a-gun didn't even stop, didn't even have the courtesy to stop," said John Hugo, Michelle's ex-husband.

He ran outside after he heard his 18-year-old son screaming.

"I rushed over there and he said no a truck hit her," Hugo said.

She had surgery to remove a kidney, has a concussion, a fractured toe and ribs.

John tells us Michelle Webb loves to walk and was doing her normal two mile trip to the Vet School where she works at A&M as a custodian. The problem is she was walking in the street which police say is very dangerous and she was walking with traffic which is illegal.

"We do tell anybody that whether it be in any circumstances you always have to stop. If you strike a person stop and make sure they get the help that they need," said Officer Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department.

While police won't say anything about a suspect the family is pleading for the driver to do the right thing.

"He needs to take responsibility knowing what he did, you know come forward," said John Hugo.

Family and friends have set up a fund to help the family pay rent and other bills while Michelle is in the hospital.

She doesn't have insurance.

Friends at Michelle Webb's apartment complex and John Rhodes with R.A.I. Designs put the fundraiser together.

"It's turned into us trying to see what we can do to help them in a larger scale both with utilities, rent. The apartment complex they are living with I know is helping to pro-rate the rent or do some type of thing there and we just wanted to see what all we can do to help. And hopefully we can get the community behind us," said Rhodes.

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