Bryan and College Station Crews Working to Patch Potholes

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BRYAN / COLLEGE STATION, Texas Crews in Bryan and College Station are on pothole patrol while the cold weather temporarily puts some major repairs on hold.

News 3 followed crews in Bryan Monday as they work to stay ahead of problems before they get bigger.

Working on asphalt is usually pretty hot work in Texas but this day was below freezing.

Only on colder days five 2-man teams from Bryan Public Works patrol all of the city's streets looking for potholes to patch like here at Palasota Drive and 28th Street.

"There's always that chance that there will be more potholes or more issues with streets," said Robert Willis, who is the City of Bryan Operations Supervisor for Streets and Drainage.

"Going out there and being proactive as we are when we fill a pothole in what we are trying to get that water from getting down below the surface," he explained.

A new black patch will buy the city some time until a more complete repair can be made. It has to be at least 42 degrees for hot asphalt to stick correctly to the roadway and right now it's just too cold to do that kind of work.

Over in College Station it's hard to miss some potholes along Redmond Drive.

Evelyn Verwold has lived in the Redmond Terrace Addition behind Bed, Bath and Beyond since 1965 and says the bumps are getting bigger.

"In my opinion being an old resident we need to maintain the beauty that we have here. And you know a lot of times we have good suggestions for the future but we really need to work on the present," said Verwold.

College Station Public works officials will be out doing some minor patches on her street Tuesday after we checked, saying their pothole patching truck is currently broken but still being fixed.

"I know they really can't work during some of this cold weather. That's not a problem and that, but it's good that they do find out through y'all that there are streets, and I'm sure we're not by far the only one's," she said.

Work that never ends in Bryan and College Station.

So far both Bryan and College Station say the cold snap hasn't caused a spike in potholes.

You can find out how to report street problems in Bryan and College Station in the related links section of this story.