Bryan Brothers Shot in Houston During Craigslist Meeting; Arrest Made

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Two brothers who were shot trying to make a sale on Craigslist, valuables that someone thought were worth killing for.

After the 16- and 21-year-old brothers were hit, one picked up his phone and called their mom to tell her they were dying.

"And Jason goes, 'mom, they shot us. We're dying out here. I love you,'" Monica Cabrera said. It was a phone call she never wanted to take.

The call was placed by her 21-year-old son Jason, moments after he and his 16-year-old brother Alex were gunned down and left for dead.

"I put my shoes on and grabbed my purse and called my other son and said they've shot your brothers," Monica said. "He was going crazy, we all were going crazy."

Crazy over what actually began as an effort to sell rims on Craigslist. The boys, who live in Bryan, had placed an ad there. Someone in Texas City responded.

"They were going to meet halfway here in the Houston area," said Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

And that halfway point was in the parking lot of the Greenspoint Mall. Detectives say one of two suspects hopped in the car with the brothers. They went to an ATM, and eventually ended up in the parking lot of a northwest Harris County apartment complex.

"At that point, one of the suspects produced a handgun shooting the victims multiple times and stealing the rims," Gilliland said.

That led to that fateful phone call.

"So I'm calling the Houston police," Cabrera said. "They couldn't tell me any information. I didn't know where my kids were or where they were shot at."

Both boys were taken to Bentaub Hospital. Jason had been shot in the face, Alex three times in the back.

"The people that did do this, they think they're dead," Cabrera said. "But no, my kids are very strong. My kids are strong."

Strong enough to identify one of the suspects in a photo lineup. Deaundre Garner has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Armed Robbery.

Cabrera offers a warning to anyone selling products online.

"I would just tell them please be careful. Please."

Authorities believe they are close to making another arrest in the case.

Deaundre Garner