Bryan ISD Program Helps Steer Students To College

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It's a program that's helping Bryan High students get ready for the next step.

It's called the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs or GEAR UP.

Texas A&M University partnered up with Bryan ISD in 2008 for the program and with two years left in the program's grant, results are starting to be seen.

"I want to make my parents proud," said Bryan High sophomore Madison Seculla.

Seculla has one big goal.

"I want to be a surgeon. I haven't decided on cardiac or neuro but I want to be a surgeon," said Seculla.

Thanks to the GEAR UP program at Bryan ISD, these are questions all the students of the Class of 2014 are thinking about.

"The goal of the grant is to increase the number of students that graduate from high school and go on to college," said Lourdes Gorzycki.

Gorzycki is the program's project coordinator and she's seen first hand how it's benefited students that are a few years away from crossing the stage.

"As the time gets closer, they want to understand the application process. The timeline. When do I apply for college? They want to understand financial aid. What's that process like? They're also now a little bit more concerned about their career," said Gorzycki.

"It's getting real close to what real life is going to be like and it's scary," said Seculla.

But thanks to the GEAR UP program, Madison is feeling much more prepared.

"It really helps for your future and if you have any confusion about what you want to do, where you want to, or what to do, GEAR UP is a great program to be in," said Seculla.

Madison is currently building a team at Bryan High to welcome in the incoming freshman and give them someone to look up to as they make the transition into high school. Much like the GEAR UP program prepares Madison for college.