Bryan to Begin Month of Smoke Testing on Sewer Lines

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Starting Tuesday at 8:00 a.m., Bryan's water services crew will start smoke testing of the city's sewer lines.

The teams will pump smoke into the lines in search of breaks and defects. City officials say smoke will exit vent pipes on roofs, out of manholes and from the ground if there are breaks, but that the smoke is non-toxic and doesn't leave a residue.

Crews do not have to enter any homes and residents don't have to be home at the time of the testing.

To help keep smoke from coming in, you're asked to pour a gallon of water into drains that aren't used often.

Testing will go on throughout the month, and the city says the area they'll be targeting is within the following boundaries:

East of 3500 through 4100 Block of East 29th Street, Greenfield Plaza, Pine Tree Drive, Kazmeier Plaza, Wilde Oak Circle, Courtney Circle, Briar Oaks Drive, 4300 through 4500 Block of Carter Creek Parkway, 3300 through 3800 Block of Oak Ridge Drive, Lazy Oaks Lane, Meadow Oaks Lane, Holly Drive, Oaks Grove Lane, Woodmere Drive, Windridge Drive, Hillside Drive, Woodmeadow Drive, Burr Oaks Circle, Oak Bend Drive, Oak Bluff Circle, Old Oak Drive, Valley Oaks Drive, River Oaks Circle, Oakside Drive, Green Ridge Circle, Oak Hill Drive, Green Oaks Drive, 1800 through 3200 Block of Barak Lane, Windsor Drive, Cambridge Drive, Windsor Court, Manchester Drive, East Shire Court, Chaucer Court, Cheshire Court, Briton Drive, Bedford Drive, Wessex Court, and 180 through 300 Block of North Earl Rudder Freeway (West Side Frontage Road)