Bryan's College Main Street Gets Massive Makeover

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A massive makeover is wrapping up in Bryan giving drivers, walkers and bicyclists a safer path.

College Main Street is one of the major gateways connecting Bryan and College Station.

Residents and those in business here are glad to have the work completed.

The College Main Street improvements have completely revitalized this corridor in Bryan with more room for cars, bicyclists and pedestrians and even a roundabout making traveling through here much safer.

Thousands of people call the Northgate area home these days and now one of the busiest streets looks better than ever.

Work is winding down on College Main Street and the detours for traffic are gone.

Ling He owns Aggie Villas and several other apartments here and says it's good for the area.

"Yeah before it was pretty dirty and very dangerous because no curb," said He.

Garrett Wilkes is a student at Blinn and walks through here everyday from his apartment.

"It's a lot cleaner. Seems to be a lot safer for pedestrians on foot and on bike and also for traffic. There wasn't a center stripe in the middle and now they've painted a yellow line that helps too," said Wilkes.

Project designers were also able to save some money.

They built the roundabout for about $65,000. Putting in traffic lights would have cost $200,000.

Pictures taken before the project show how there were no sidewalks, and barely streetlights for the busy spot.

Now residents have a more scenic stroll.

"Definitely with all these lights and lamps and like I said the sidewalk, that's a big deal because there wasn't a place for people to walk on either the street or grass. So turned out great though," added Garrett Wilkes.

While the street work is finished the last phase of work is burying the power lines and putting all the utilities under ground.

That's expected to be completed in May or June.

The project came at a cost of $2.8 million.

Traffic reopened to both directions of travel at the start of the month.