Old Army Reserve Building in Bryan to be Possible Housing Site for Undocumented Immigrants

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BRYAN- The U-S Department of Health and Human Services has been looking at federal properties to address the overcrowding issues related to the mounting immigration issues, especially in Texas. They've set their eyes on the old Army Reserve Center in Bryan as a possible housing unit.

The building off Carson Street and Bomber Drive in Bryan hasn't been used in years and needs some work, but the HHS is interested in the building to be used for hundreds of undocumented children.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski says this influx of immigrants to the city would put a huge financial burden on everyone living in Bryan and College Station when it comes to educating and providing healthcare for the children. He says it's a tab the City of Bryan shouldn't have to pick up.

Milburn Green owns an auto shop across from the center. He says his only concern is for the children. "It would be okay with me. It's a possibility they are facing a lot of hardships trying to get over in this country. It would be a good thing. A place they can come to and feel safe," Green says.

Since October, some 52-thousand unaccompanied children have been detained after crossing the Texas-Mexico Border. Mayor Bienski says the city was working to get the building back from federal government to use as a possible senior recreation center before those plans were put on hold. Bienski and the school district have enlisted the help of Governor Rick Perry and Congressman Bill Flores to prevent building from being used as a housing facility.

Bienski says a decision on whether to use the building could be determined within the week.