Burglary Call Leads to $2.5 Million Meth Bust Near Humble

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Officials said several grocery bags full of methamphetamines with an estimated street value of $2.5 million were found in a home near Humble overnight.

The big find was all thanks to a burglary call next door in the 20100 block of Bolton Bridge Lane.

Harris County Pct. 4 Deputy Constables said while looking at the home where the burglary call was made, they saw the back door to the neighboring home was open. They were able to look inside and could see the drugs, officials said.

Constables said the people who run the meth operation may have seen officers and ran from the scene, leaving the door open. The suspects were never located.

Inside the home authorities said they found a meth processing facility. It appeared some of the drugs were prepped at another location before being fully processed using equipment in the home.

Investigators said the home may be one of many stops in a massive drug ring based out of Mexico.

At least two vehicles with Texas license plates were left at the home.