Burglary Victims Come Forward after Seeing Their Stolen Property on TV

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New developments have surfaced in a theft ring investigation out of Leon and Limestone counties. Just hours after News 3 aired a story Monday night, investigators say they received several big breaks in the case --resulting in one of the main suspects being arrested again after he bonded out of jail.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis said 39-year-old Jennifer Kay Walla and her boyfriend 22-year-old Ethan Tinkham are accused of burglarizing at least a dozen homes in Leon and Limestone Counties, including the Lake Limestone area. Investigators say everything from their living room couch, to decorations on the wall, even a bible were among some of the stolen items. Even a tent and outdoor patio furniture are believed to have also been stolen. Those items have since been confiscated, but the Leon County Sheriff's office is trying to determine whether they were in fact stolen during the latest burglaries.

Ellis said the two would take stolen items back to their rental home in North Zulch to furnish their entire house.

“Everything in the residence was stolen. They would break into homes in Limestone and Leon Counties and keep everything that they could to decorate their house, like appliances and pictures, crosses and then whatever they could sell for money, they would sell it on craigslist,” said Ellis

Just hours after the story aired Monday night investigators say two burglary victims came forward after identifying their property that Ellis said they recognized on TV. Furthermore, Ellis said a 4-wheeler was dropped off at the two suspects' rental property on Central Avenue in North Zulch late Monday night. Madison and Leon Counties joined forces and discovered the 4-wheeler was reported stolen out of Limestone County.

Investigator Victor Smith tells News 3 Tinkham was arrested again after he bonded out of the Leon County Jail; authorities say Tinkham was arrested after he violated his probation.

The investigation continues and more charges are expected. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is urging anyone to come forward with information that may lead to more arrests or charges.