Burleson County Chilifest Arrests Down, DPS Arrests

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Chilifest Weekend means local law enforcement step up their patrols. This year was no different. DPS Troopers worked a stretch of Highway 60 over the course of two days.

The Department of Public Safety says they handed out 386 warnings and 56 total arrests. Those arrests included 5 for open containers. Three minor in possession charges and one DUI by a minor.

As you can tell, it's a busy weekend for law enforcement. That small stretch of Highway 60 in Burleson County becomes a gauntlet for anyone who attempts to drink and drive.

The cook-off and concert in Snook always nets arrests as well. But, as the number of Chilifest arrests in Burleson County are down this year.

Chilifest weekend means thousands come together for food, fun and country music. The annual fundraiser rakes in well over $100,000 each year for Brazos Valley charities.

It also leaves behind a big mess.

The clean-up takes days after the people have left to finish. The Matthews Family and many others take the job seriously. Just like law enforcement.

"They come out there for a good time," said Burleson County Precinct 2 Constable Dennis Gaas.

"As long as they're having a good time, and not a danger to themselves or to anybody, we let them have their fun. It's those on that extreme side that we have to keep an eye on," continued Gaas.

Organizers say that over 50,000 people went to the Starlight Ballroom just outside of Snook. While many of them left behind great memories of another Chilifest in the books, some of them took home citations.

For Chilifest 2013, 112 tickets were written on the weekend, 49 of which were for Minor In Possession. 9 people, however, wound up going to jail. In 2012, 61 people were arrested at Chilifest. DPS arrest numbers for 2012 weren't available.

"Overall, there were less citations on Friday and Saturday this year at this Chilifest," explained Gaas.

But for organizers, the cycle never stops.

"I've already started planning for 2014 already, last week," laughed Gaas.

Plans that hopefully include even fewer citations.

Here's a complete breakdown on arrests from Chilifest Weekend.
Burleson County Sheriff's Office
112 citations total (91 on Friday, 21 on Saturday)
49 Minor in Possession
28 Minor in Consumption
23 Public Intoxication
9 Disorderly Conduct
1 Assualt
1 Misleading Representation
1 Driving Under the Influence.

Texas Department of Public Safety
386 warnings issued
56 total arrests
-5 Open Container
-2 Public Intoxication
-1 Failure to ID
-3 Minor in Possession
-2 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
-1 DUI by a Minor
4 Driving While Intoxicated
11 Drug Related Arrests
0 Car Accidents related to Chilifest