Burleson County Sponsors Big Spring Clean Initiative

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With the stroke of her paintbrush, artist Kristina Tims is transforming a rusty, metal barrel into a colorful work of art for the Burleson County Big Spring Clean Initiative.

"I really love art! I love the drawing and the designing," Tims said.

Tims is one of many with the group Arts of the Lake putting their creative talents towards the county-wide effort to get trash off of the streets and into these receptacles in order to keep the city looking beautiful.

Arts at the Lake president Clover Cochran says local businesses sponsored a barrel for 450 dollars. Each design is unique to that specific business.

"This helps promote people enjoying putting their trash in the proper place," Cochran said.

Leslie Herman with the local cattle auction barn says her sponsored barrel will reflect the business' agriculture roots.

"I wanted something to do with cattle. We sell cattle every week," Herman said.

The Arts and the Lake group hopes that people will not only admire the beautiful barrels, but use the crafty creations to dispose of their garbage instead of using the streets as a dumping ground.