Burleson County Woman Claims Her Dogs Were Intentionally Run Over

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Burleson County, TX - A Burleson County couple says two of their dogs were intentionally run over and killed during a hunting trip near Lake Somerville.

Krystal Dollery, who some may recognize from A&E's "American Hoggers", and her husband are asking for help to catch the hit and run driver.

Crosses and flowers mark the final resting place of two of Krystal Dollery's closest friends.

"I mean they're not just dogs to me they're my girls, they mean everything to me," she said in a saddened voice.

You may have seen Krystal on the A&E show "American Hoggers."

On Father's Day, Krystal, her husband Shawn and two others were out hunting hogs just south of Lake Somerville when her dogs crossed F-M 1948.

"They were coming back at us and this Dodge this silver Dodge he accelerated and crossed over into the left lane and hit Candy and Vixen took off running. She was trying to get away from him and he swerved over and ran her down," said Dollery.

A third dog, Ruger, was also hit, but survived.

Candy was so close to the couple they included her in their engagement photo last year.

As Krystal continues to grieve she's asking for anyone to come forward to tell them who did this to their dogs.

"Justice should be served in this. It's not ok. Some people can't have children, these dogs are our children you know it's not ok. Just because it's not a human doesn't make it right," she said.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office tells us there's not much they can do without a license plate and can't know for sure if the truck hit the dogs on purpose.

The couple says the truck is a Silver Dodge 1500 four-door with tinted windows, a lift, and a silver tool box.