Burleson County Residents Pray for Rain

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With no rain in sight, some in the Brazos Valley are turning to their faith for help.

Caldwell residents are praying for rain.

Caldwell Christians are calling on the Lord to heal their land.

"Lord you know our needs. You know Father that this community, this entire area, the entire state needs an outpouring of rain," said Rev. Fred Hornaday of Macedonia-Hix Baptist Church.

It was an outpouring of people at the Burleson County Courthouse as ministers from area congregations gathered with residents to pray for wetter weather.

Rev. Fred Hornaday of Macedonia-Hix Baptist Church was one of half a dozen ministers to call for heavenly help.

"We must seek you and your kingdom and your righteousness first and then all these things will be added unto such as clothing. And such as rain," Hornaday said.

Liz Shupak of Burleson County says it's the worst drought she's seen in 15 years.

"I came out here today we need rain bad. We're farmers and ranchers and we need water and we need grass and we just need something to keep our cows going," said Liz Shupak.

Attendees hope a good word up there will bring some real rain down here. In fact they're so faithful it will rain, everyone was asked to bring an umbrella.

"It's been so long since we've used an umbrella we couldn't find an umbrella so we had to go out and buy one. It's good for the economy," said Jim Heckman, a local pastor and president of the Caldwell Area Ministerial Alliance.

He organized the prayer service.

"I'm faithful that soon we'll get rain and as I told 'em we'll call 'em back together for a thanksgiving service afterwards, said Pastor Jim Heckman.

"We do beg you and beseech you for rain. Lord we need it bad but we need you more and it's in your son, our savior we pray. Amen," said Fred Hornaday.

Prayers of need and songs of hope that a cloudless day will soon turn gray.

Residents held another pray for rain gathering during the March 2009 drought.

A week after that event, It rained.