Burned Dog Responding to Treatment at TAMU Vet School

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A dog, intentionally set on fire, is left for dead in Houston. It's a gruesome discover made by Houston Animal Control.

The story doesn't end in tragedy, though, thanks to one animal rescue group and Texas A&M's Vet School. Now, doctors are calling Pier a 'miracle dog.'

"Had [Pier] spent the night at BARC, he most likely would have been dead," admitted Suzy Wormser. She's talking about Pier.

"Ugh, it was just awful," Wormser remembered.

"Once they started going through and getting the dead skin and dead tissue off of him, they were able to determine that somebody had truly set him on fire," explained Wormser.

The American Lab was picked up by Scout's Honor Rescue in Houston. They rushed him to an emergency hospital. From there, vets said Pier needed to come to College Station.

The decision was made to bring Pier to the Small Animal Clinic at Texas A&M's School of Veterinarian Medicine. A team of doctors and clinicians began to address Pier's burns and put him on the path to recovery.

When I went to visit Pier on Wednesday, we had to wear protective gloves and gowns. The threat of infection is high because of the open wounds.

"Hi darling!," exclaimed Wormser. Pier was playing outside, in a yard behind the clinic.

"It's so good to see you sweetie," Wormser said, smiling.

Just days after arriving, Pier is impressing his doctors.

"You looked at him and he wagged his tail," said Brittany Thames, a second year resident at the Small Animal Clinic.

"He wanted to live. He was fighting and he hasn't stopped," continued Thames. She and a team of doctors and clinicians are responsible for the day-to-day care of Pier.

"Our main goal was to watch for sepsis and organ failure and he's done remarkably well," explained Thames. The threat of infection still remains, but she says Pier's will to live strong.

Pier will always have issues with the scars left from his burns. Doctors say that he'll need to wear sunscreen and t-shirts to keep protected.

Scout's Honor is updating a Facebook page with Pier's condition, as well as how people can help offset the cost of his treatment. You can find the link at the bottom of this article.